From 2009 having as priority honesty, amiability we created a company which is based on credibility. Being customers ourselves we were always searching for these principles and we could not find them so easily, subsequently that was the reason why we were creators of SEFA TRANS and wanted all these to be our “leading force”. Our aim is the development of our International Road Transport field especially from and towards Turkey as also towards the whole Europe , Middle East and Balkans.

Based on our basic forwarders and on our intimate collaboration with a wide range of a modern transport fleet of 80 trucks of all types (even with ADR certificate), we fulfill every client’s loading order quickly and safely DOOR TO DOOR -also customs clearance where necessary .

From the company’s establishment until now , several companies trusted us , not only Greek one but foreign too such as: Hellenik Petroleum , Viostamp, HB Body, MEL, Metam, Vicko , Seitanidis , Vasiliadis, Mailis, etc….. Furthermore our company was assigned to deal with the transportation of the TAP/TANAP project through Greece to Turkey.

Direct Availability

We reply to your queries as soon as possible.


Our skillful staff has as priority to serve its customers needs in the best possible way.


Our aim is to find the best price to serve our customers needs


We can ensure for an overall  transportservice


SEFA TRANS is specialized on carrying out the transportation of your household items. We can package, un-package and assemble  your cargo.


Our company can storage  your cargo either in a private warehouse or in a customs’ warehouse depend on the needs of every client and can reassure for a guaranteed  safety of your goods.


We can carry out the transport of full and groupage cargo. Our company guarantees that the delivery of consolidated cargo will be carried out in the shortest timeframe at a reasonable price.


We can reassure you for the safety of your cargo having contracted with a private security company.